3 Fun Gift Ideas For The Tent Camping Enthusiast

Looking for something to gift the tent camping enthusiast in your life? One or more of the following gift ideas may be right up their alley:

Portable Power

A helpful tool to have while tent camping is portable power so cell phones, laptops, and other small devices like radios can stay powered throughout the trip. Mini solar panels can easily power cell phones and come in a variety of shapes and sizes – some can be attached to a backpack so it can collect rays from the sun during hikes, while others roll up and can be stored inside baggage then set up at the campsite to power larger items like laptops. Gift the camping enthusiast in your life with some portable power and their excursions in nature are sure to become even more convenient.

A Folding Toilet

If the camping lover in your life enjoys tenting it away from civilization, the chances are that they won't have access to a restroom until they return from their trip. Consider gifting them with a folding toilet that can be set up behind a tree or in a changing tent and connected to containment bags. After using the restroom, the containment bags can be thrown into a garbage bin and then hauled out to the dump after the camping trip is over. Having a portable toilet around will eliminate the need to dig holes and contaminate the land, and will help minimize the chance of bears, rats, and other animals coming around the campsite.

An Entertainment Vault

Spice things up a little by putting together an entertainment vault as a gift. Buy a reusable plastic tub that will protect things inside it from the outdoor elements and then fill it with an assortment of entertainment items that the tent camping junkie in your life can enjoy with friends and family while sitting around the campfire. Include a couple of small table games such as cribbage and dominoes, as well as a few comic books and camping magazines that will provide ideas for ghost stories. To impress your giftee, put a portable DVD player and a few new DVDs in the box for in-tent entertainment that can be taken advantage of when the weather outside is bad.

These gift ideas are sure to impress the avid campers in your life, and will help to make sure that any camping trips you take with them are more comfortable and convenient overall.  To learn more, contact a company like Explore Electric