3 Things You Can Do With A USB Drive

Whether you have bought bulk USB sticks, or you just have one hanging around your house, you might be wondering what you can do with it. Although you might already be using your USB sticks to transfer data from one computer to another, there are uses for them that go above and beyond just simple file transfers. 

Lock Your Computer

If you are concerned about different parties accessing your computer and you don't feel like a password is enough to secure your computer, you can use a USB stick as a physical key to lock and unlock your computer. Simply download an application called PREDATOR on your USB stick. You can then stick your USB stick into your computer and it will start off. When you are ready to lock your computer, remove the USB stick. Your computer will automatically minimize the different windows and shut down the screen. When you put the USB stick back in, your windows will maximize and your computer will start up. 

Secure Your Bitcoins

If you don't feel comfortable storing your bitcoins, or other type of digital currency, in an online wallet, you can use a USB stick and turn it into a portable, secure digital currency wallet. You will have to make your USB drive into a bootable device, install UBANTU (a secure operating system), run your system in UBANTU, and download a secure bitcoin client. You will be able to move a physical copy of your wallet to your USB drive where your wallet will stay instead of online. This is ideal if you aren't involved in trading digital currency, but rather want a secure savings account of digital currency. 

Improve Your PC's Performance 

If your PC is running slowly and you are running out of hard drive space, you can use a USB stick to quickly and easily speed up your computer. All you need to do is to install an application called ReadyBoost, plug in your USB stick to your computer, and enable ReadyBoost to be used as a drive. Your computer will then use your USB stick as a cache, and when it's faster to read files from your USB stick than your hard drive, your computer will do this and its performance will increase. 

Knowing the things that you can do with your USB sticks will ensure that you put them to good use and can use them for many different things and not just for data transfers. 

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