Don’t Go Into Panic Mode - Stay Calm And Save Your Laptop If A Liquid Spills On It

If you accidentally spill coffee on your laptop while working, do not panic. Follow the steps below to restore it to its original state. 

Unplug And Drain The Laptop

Quickly unplug your laptop and turn off the power to it. The circuit board and other internal components in your laptop can become permanently destroyed if the machine is left on for extended amounts of time while being exposed to a liquid. Place a bath towel on a flat surface and set your laptop on it with the bottom of the machine facing upwards. Any coffee that seeped through the keyboard will drain onto the towel. Be patient during this process and wait a couple hours to ensure that all of the liquid has been eliminated from the laptop's interior.

Dry And Ventilate Internal Components

Once the coffee has stopped dripping out of the laptop, place the machine in a well-ventilated area that will assist with drying. Set up a rotating fan in front of the laptop, if possible, to speed up the drying process. Turn the laptop over so that the keyboard is facing upwards and unscrew the panel that surrounds the keys. Each brand of laptop is set up differently, so read the manual that came with your model if you have difficulty finding the screws that connect to the panel.

Lift off the panel once the screws have been removed and wipe a lint-free cloth carefully over any internal components that look like they have been exposed to the spill.

Remove Any Residue That Remains

Once your laptop is dry, pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol onto a lint-free cloth. Wipe the cloth gently over any of your laptop's parts that have dried residue on them that were caused from the coffee spill. Wipe the pieces with a clean cloth to ensure that they are dry. Line up the panel that was removed and press it down gently until it is in the proper spot. Tighten the screws with a screwdriver. Turn on your laptop. If all of your efforts were successful, your laptop will work properly.

In the future, avoid drinking any type of beverage around your laptop or any other electrical equipment in your home. Instead, set up a small table several feet away from where you are working and give yourself a few breaks while completing work on your equipment to enjoy your favorite beverages. 

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