2 Tools Besides Your Word Processor That Can Help You Write Your First Book

When you take the plunge and decide that the time has come to write your first book, you may feel overwhelmed at the prospect. Putting all of your thoughts, ideas, and information down on paper can be a daunting task. While you will mainly work with pen and paper and/or your word processor, there are some other essential tools that can make writing so much easier.

Get A Transcription Recorder

No matter what ind of book you are writing, whether it is a novel or a non-fiction piece, a transcription recorder can be a lifesaver as you are going through the process of writing. Even when you are not at your desk and in front of your computer writing, you will likely be thinking about your book. And oftentimes, it is in those moments away from your desk that ideas pop into your head or inspiration strikes. The problem is that if you do not have a recorder or other device to get those ideas onto, you may lose them before you get back to work.

Carrying a small transcription recorder with you at all times will allow you to say your idea or thought out loud and record it for retrieval later. Also, if your research process involves interviews and talking to experts in certain fields, carrying a recording device with you to record those conversations can help you to be more engaged with the subject of your interview and ensures you do not miss anything (which might happen if you are focusing on writing notes).

Use Cloud Storage Services and Removable Hard Drives

The last thing you want is to save several chapters of your book or a large amount of research onto your computer and then have the whole system crash on you. You could run the risk of losing everything you have worked so hard on if you rely on your computer memory to store your book.

To help remedy this, you should use a dual-backup method. The first of these is a portable hard drive or USB drive. These removable drives plug into your computer, and you can transfer all of your book-related files onto that drive. This will help in case your computer gets physically damaged and no longer functions or if you get a virus.

However, in the case of another type of emergency such as a natural disaster, fire, or other problem in your home, you could lose the data on both your computer and your portable hard drive. Although such a scenario is highly unlike, it is possible. A second backup method can help prevent this from being the destruction of your book in progress. Cloud storage online is cheap and accessible from any computer with internet access as long as you have your username and password. Loading your book in progress and research onto your cloud storage account can give you that extra peace of mind that your files are safe.

Now that you know a couple of the tools that can help you when you are writing your first book, you can put them to use and ensure that you are doing all you can to make your first book writing effort a successful one.